Why Rent a License Free Boat in Sotogrande?

At Jugarnia Nautic you can rent a license free boat, check our prices. Navigate up to 1 km in the sea with to visit Sotogrande beach and Torreguadiaro beach
You don't need any qualification or titulation to drive the boats.
Take your food and drinks and enjoy this unique experience. All our boats have a table and bluetooth for music.
Max. 6 people per boat at Puerto Sotogrande, Cadiz
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Navigation at sea
Elcat Splash Solar Electric Boat
New eHoverGo boats
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Drive without titulation
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New way to have fun

Unforgettable Experience

  • Drive one of our boats without a license!
  • Enjoy a pleasant ride, quiet and with spectacular views
  • Up to a maximum of 6 people
  • Boat easy to handle, comfortable and safe
  • Listen to the silence in the deep sea like never before
  • Ideal for taking your family with you
  • Equipped with all safety accessories

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Enjoy a pleasant tour inside Puerto Sotogrande. With more than 1,300 moorings and an interior route in the form of canals, we will be able to see this site from another point of view. A trip that no one wants to miss.

Pontoon Boats for Rent

Rent a spacious and comfortable pontoon boat.
Jugarnia pontoons have a length of 4.95 meters and a 15 hp motor. Drive it without any titulation or navigation license. Pontoons reach out 9 knots or what is the same about 18 km/h. Max. 6 persons.

eHoverGo Boats for Rent

Jugarnia Nautic brings this new and innovative eHoverGo boats to enjoy the sea at next level .
eHoverGo boats have a length of 4.50 meters and a 6 hp electric motor, so you do not need any document or titulation to drive them. Silence navigation and double floor boat is here to change the experience. Max. 6 persons (4 adults)

About Jugarnia Nautic

JUGARNIA is a Spanish firm dedicated since 1993 to the organization of events and the development of recreational and educational activities for children and adults.
In the summer of 2016, Jugarnia opens a new location in Sotogrande (Cadiz). More information about us at www.jugarnia.com
  • 25 years making unique experiences
  • 25 years committed to children's and youth entertainment
  • 25 years using leisure as an educational path
  • 25 years making smiles

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What boats can I rent without a license?
According to Spanish regulations, anyone can drive a boat less than 5 meters long and with an engine equal to or less than 15 horses.
2Do I need a title or license to rent or drive one of our boats?
No. Jugarnia pontoons have a length of 4.95 meters and a 15 horses motor, so you do not need any document or certificate to drive them.
3Do I need to wear some kind of suitable clothing?
It is not necessary any type of clothing, although we recommend you to go with a swimwear as some water can enter in the boat when you go out to sail the sea.
4Can I bring food or drink to the boat?
Of course. All our boats have a central table with numerous coasters for drinks. We recommend using plastic material to avoid breaking any glass inside the boat.
5Can you tow any object with our boats?
No, our pontoons are not strong enough to pull any object or person. In case of seeing this situation, we could stop the boat and return to the port to end the experience.
6Where can you navigate with Jugarnia boats?
Our boats can go up to a maximum of 1 km in any direction from Puerto Sotogrande. We always give a map with the boundaries and navigable areas.
7What speed reach the boats of Jugarnia?
Our boats reach 9 knots or what is the same 18 km / hour.
8How many people can fit in a boat of Jugarnia?
Our boats are capable of carrying a maximum of 6 people, regardless of whether they are adults or children.
9Does the Jugarnia boat include an anchor?
No, because of numerous problems we have experienced with people in the first year, we decided to remove the anchor form each boat.
10Is it possible to stop with Jugarnia boats somewhere in the Port?
Yes. At the time of the rental we give a rope to our clients so they can stop in another part of the Port. Still, we consider this operation a bit complicated, so we only recommend it to those who are more experienced.
11Is it possible to access the bathing area delimited with yellow buoys with our boats?
No. Especially during the summer, this area will be protected by yellow buoys and no boat will be able to cross this delimitation.
12Is it possible to get to the shore with Jugarnia boats?
It is not allowed to reach the shore with our boats, in addition in summer the delimitation of the bathing area cannot be crossed.
13What security measures do the Jugarnia boats include?
All our boats are equipped with a rescue kit that includes a fire extinguisher, horn, life jacket and flares. In addition, they have a GPS system that allows us to know your position at all times.
14Is it possible to hire a driver to take the Jugarnia boats?
Yes, we make available to all clients a driver to take the boat. Still, we encourage people to drive the boats by themselves, as driving is very easy and intuitive. That’s why our boats are without license.
15Do the boats have auxiliary input or Bluetooth to connect an external device?
Yes, all our boats allow the connection of a music player or a mobile via Bluetooth or auxiliar in device.