Leisure Plans in Sotogrande

29 July 2020
Ocio en Sotogrande Cadiz

The history of Jugarnia Nautic

In 2017, the CEO of Jugarnia travels to Florida in search of new business ideas to bring to Spain. After a few days visiting different fairs and events, discover an activity that offers a different experience. Navigate the Florida lakes with pontoons. At the same time, Jugarnia finds a very […]
29 July 2020
Que hacer en tu Ocio en Sotogrande

The best things to do in Sotogrande

Some of the best ways to have fun in Sotogrande Sotogrande is an incredible and wonderful place, but people who are not from here or come on tourism for a few days do not know it. Here, we are going to show you some of the best ways to spend […]
29 July 2020
Barcos sin licencia en Sotogrande

Safety recommendation for our Jugarnia boats

Essential aspects to go sailing with our boats without the need of a license in Sotogrande. Every time one of our clients rents a boat from Jugarnia Nautic, they receive a brief explanation of the maritime regulations, operation of the boat and the most important safety aspects. It is our […]
29 July 2020
Alquila un Barco sin Licencia en Sotogrande - JUGARNIA NAUTIC

Instructions for sailing on a boat without a license

You have decided to go sailing for the first time in your life, but you do not know how to behave, or the dangers that await you, if there is any. We are going to share with you some keys to get afloat from the experience. How to go dressed? […]
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